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August 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm

It has been a long and tiring ordeal for us to become Anonymous. Should Napoles escape Discovery or Shangrila amidst the heavy downpour, Filipinos should be asking Jun Pareno of Discovery Suites. Jun should know where they are hiding. Jun does all the hotel bookings and events of Janet including the once a year party of all her congressmen and senators at the top floor of the hotel. If you don’t locate Jun Pareno, then you should question Jejomar Binay, he also know where the Napoleses are. Their fraternity is strong and united, the Alpha Phi Omega and its junior arm, Scout Royal Brotherhood. They will die defending their brothers – even if their brods are the most wanted thieves in the country. If they want to die defending their brods, so be it and let the whole country decide. Let us not forget that Honasan is also brother in arms of Jaime Napoles at RAM. Ask Pareno and/or Binay – they both know the location of the whole family of Napoles. Lastly, Napoles’ business could have not survived without the members of the congress and senators who stole tax payers money.They are as guilty as Napoles. All of them deserve to die. Of course we want a peaceful protest in Luneta, let us not expect that there will be change in the following years or decades if this is how we fight thieves in power.

We, as Anonymous individuals sacrificed a lot the past few weeks. We put the lives of our families in danger, our loved ones and our friends. They tried to locate us, but they have failed. It was a deadly game of hide and seek. We approached no one, only these blogs and the internet. We asked for help to nobody because no one can be trusted. And when we say NO ONE can be trusted, ALL of them cannot be trusted.

We do not have powers to know everything. We only know few things, but the things we wrote here were all vital and served as a key to unlock the mystery of how graft and corruption works at the very core of our government that no one dared to explain in a public forum. If you dont find Napoles in Ortigas, we are not stopping you from going to your demonstration on the 26th. We might also be there, with the crowds, but you will never know that it is us because we don’t want recognition or fame or wealth. We just have the information to show the world that we have been deceived and robbed by our own money from the past decade and they deserve nothing less than death. No, not jail time. It should be death. Death to all of them.

We are now going to give the public the email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of some members of the Napoles family. There are plenty of online hacktivist here, maybe it will be faster for them to hack their accounts and locate their iPhones. We do not have all the methods and ways to break into their accounts, but in a collective effort of our nation, we can break into these emails and EVERYTHING we need to know can be found here.

These are their email accounts: uy.c.jeane mrs.napoles tinapoles queenxtin niceonechoi mrs.napoles phantomjim jeane.napoles cowboy12 rluy ronaldflim168

All these emails are verified, valid and working addresses. You can exploit these emails by inviting them to have a chat with you, send them emails, reach out to them to surrender, track them by cracking their email passwords or, just simply tell them that they should fuck their selves until they die.

These are their Philippine office and main residential addresses: 635 San Isidro St. Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa 2502 discovery center 25 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City South Garden Unit Pacific Plaza Towers Taguig

These are their residential addresses in the US and you can see an aerial view on Google Earth and Google Maps by putting the address on the search bar: – 900 West Olympic Boulevard LA, CA 90015-1338 – 32 Wedgewood Irvine CA 92620 – 2801 Main Street Apt. 259 Irvine CA 92614 – 6810 Edinburgh Road Corona CA 92880

These are the telephone numbers. You can try adding and saving their numbers on your mobile devices and if you have WhatsAPP, Viber, WeChat and LINE, some of the numbers listed here will automatically show if they are listed on the said messaging applications. That will give us a whole new flexibility to communicate with Janet et al. in a faster and efficient manner. (We wonder why DOJ and NBI has not thought of that):

Janet Napoles +63917 846 8420 +63917 525 0034 +632 636 5388 (land phone) +632 687 4009 (land phone)

Jaime “Jimmy” Napoles +63917 525 4168 +63917 832 7005

James Lim Napoles +63917 526 4168

John Lim +63920 952 5288 +63917 528 5288

Jo Christine Napoles (USA Phone number) 714 886 3000

Jeane Napoles (USA Phone Number) 714 878 7875 949 748 3635

Reynaldo “Jojo” Luy (USA Phone Number) 951 256 7152

Other numbers: +63917 813 4168 +63917 527 4168 +63917 847 6595

Our jobs as Anonymous are now done. We have given so much, we almost lost our lives in the process. We also believe that if the DOJ and NBI is “truly” doing its job, we have surely done more legwork than them. Interestingly, many of you suggest that we and I, the Anonymous, should apprehend the Napoleses. If you haven’t seen or met their family yet, they are all physically fit, protected by a security team of former army personnel that always carry automatic sub machine guns and various calibers of pistols, both .9mm, .40 and .45 and, each family member also carries their own concealed firearm. Yes, Jeane Napoles, the one that had a lavish party in Beverly Hills also carries and shoots pistols and rifles. We cannot apprehend them alone even if we wanted to. Why don’t we inform law enforcement agencies? How can you trust an institution serving an arrest warrant only to announce it first in media before making an arrest? For these reasons, we leave the judgment call to the public – to all of you to decide.

To some people who accuse us that everything we say are all false, then definitely they know more than us and they should prove us wrong and tell us what they truly know. We also deserve to know their own version of “truth”, we are also citizens of this country and that does not make our rights lesser than any of you. So if you think that we are lying, you can be Anonymous too and tell us everything you know. To everyone who keep on asking why dont we present ourselves together with our evidences? Simple.

You do not need to see our materials and it does not matter anymore at this point. You want proof? Tumingin tayo sa paligid natin. May nagbago ba? Wala. Lugmok pa din tayong lahat sa kahirapan. At sila na nasa kongreso at senado ay lumalangoy sa pera at karangyaan. Sila ang ebidensya namin. At ang kahirapan ng Pilipinas ang produkto ng pagnanakaw nila.

We support any protests and movements against organised theft. But keep in mind, with a very complex issue like this, it can never be resolved through peaceful means. You can never stop a number of thieves carrying guns and knives from stealing by staying peaceful and calmly telling them to stop. All of them are taking hundreds of millions of pesos EVERY week. They will kill anyone who will try to stop them. Our protest march would be like a piece of paper trying to stop whole rounds of bullets. And to whom are we going to ask for help? From the very people and institution who are stealing from us?

Sa buwis na binayad mo sa gobyerno ngayong buwan na ito, gumaan at gumanda ba ang buhay mo bilang Pilipino? Ikaw lamang ang makakasagot niyan.


"Anonymous Incorporated caught my attention with their first post . Since I have been doing some readings on our country’s history for years now because I wanted to understand the nature of Philippine politics , culture of corruption and the attitude of the Filipino people towards it, I saw a pattern between my readings and the discussion of Anonymous Incorporated- those in power in terms of their political position, economic status and religious influence will never step down and/or will pass on their position to their own kin or trusted associates to continue looting , raping and killing our country and its people. If Cardinal Tagle cried upon knowing the pork barrel scam and the COA chair cried louder and harder, I cannot deny that I was not affected… I made it an advocacy that as I teach my students the love for literature and grammar- on the side I make my best to open their minds to always seek the truth and walk their talk. But the sad truth is if we remain ignorant of what our country’s past and continue to turn a blind eye on the present since the future is always an unknown… we will continue to be reactionaries, period. I salute the men and women behind Anonymous Incorporated because they dared to inform us which is always an important step before making a stand. We know that whether their posts extended the truth or not – the gravity of the situation that they tried to condensed is already a HUGE step! The readers of their posts who questioned their anonymity do not dully understand the nature of an expose. It is always the reader who has a final say at the end of the day. Me? I will continue to verify their posts from varied sources that I can access. Along the way, I pray that these brave men and women of Anonymous Incorporated will continue to enlighten the people."



Written by 88kensan

August 21, 2013 at 2:17 pm

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