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We, Anonymous, are trying comprehensively all our resources utilizing the latest technology our very small disposable income can buy to locate the Napoles family. Had our taxes were lesser, probably we have located them without the help of useless local police authorities, like NBI, PNP and DOJ. Have we heard that De Lima is a Sorority member of APO? No wonder. From the latest data that we have obtained, we have reasons to speculate that one of them, either Janet or one of the family members, are already in the US. The reason behind our suspicion is we have found a US phone number that the family uses under AT&T. We were unable to verify the number when we tried to call because it did not ring. BUT, people here on the Internet can give it a try and find it out ASAP. However, we also have reasons to believe that some of them may also be here because we have uncovered telephone numbers that we think MAY be new local subscriptions. You, the people of the Philippines, would also like again to ring, call and text these numbers.

Janet Napoles 852 6904 3260 (US Number)

Jo Christine Napoles
+63998 450 4230
+63917 846 8420
+63998 450 4387

Reynaldo Luy
+63906 490 2091

We have been reading the comments from numerous social media platforms and we were intrigued when we saw a comment somewhere that they need the IMEI numbers of the mobile phones of Napoles’ family so people with the right set of tools can track them down. We do hope that whoever has the correct sets of equipment, can locate them down. There are the IMEI numbers:

990002243064936 – Globe
013412002209155 – Globe
013039002233487 – Globe
012836005770428 – Globe
012536005813521 – Globe
012847006989529 – Globe
011744009440439 – Globe
013425005929470 – Globe
012533001457320 – AT&T
013043000830260 – AT&T

Let us all remember that if we don’t locate Napoles, it is not the end of the world.

Who made the Napoles family rich? We do not need to locate them, they are always on the news and television. Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, Sotto and those countless members of congress. Shouldn’t we purge them first if we couldn’t locate Janet?

Sinumulan ni Jose Rizal magsulat para madilat ang mga mata ng mga Pilipino mula sa pangaalipin ng Espanya. Ang tabak ni Andres Bonifacio ang nagsimula ng katapusan ng mga Kastila. Pumatay siya ng mga Kastila para maging malaya ang Pilipinas at matigil ang pangaalipin.

Kung sabagay, mahigit tatlong daang taon tayo inararo ng mga Espanyol, at mga sampung taon pa lang naman tayo niloloko at ninanakawan ng mga sarili nating kalahi na binoto ninyong lahat. Makakapagtiis pa naman ang buong bansa sa pangloloko, pagnanakaw at pambababoy sa susunod na humigit kumulang 290 taon, hindi ba? Baka pagkatapos pa lang ng mahigit tatlong daang taon tayo matauhan, sa taong 2313 sasabihin ng mga apo natin, "…sana, pinatay na lang ng mga ninuno natin yung lahat ng myembro ng kongreso at senado noong 2013 nung may pagkakataon pa sila para hindi sila dumami at hindi na kame naghirap at kumakain ng tae at basura…"

(Has anyone of you hacked trough their emails yet? If you have, please do not sell the contents of the email to mainstream media, you need to give it back to the Filipino people for free – same as what we are doing now.)


Written by 88kensan

August 22, 2013 at 12:23 am

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